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PowerXchanger, the leading designer and inventor of the world's most advance solid-state compact Voltage and Frequency Converter, is pleased to introduce its first Ultra Slim Step-Down auto Transformer.

The home appliance and related industries are aware that compressors and fractional electric motors, such as those in refrigerators and pumps, that were designed to operate on 60Hz power supply, will run extremely hot while operating on a 50Hz power grid. This will result in a significant reduction in the life span of the product.

PowerXchanger's new Step-Down Auto Transformer eliminates this excessive heat problem allowing the appliance or motor to operate at normal temperature.

The XTR-750 Step-Down Auto Transformer has been engineered to reduce standard step-down transformer output to 105 Volts, a reduction of 10%. This reduced output voltage compensates for the neat buildup generated by higher input current to the compressor or motor due to the 50Hz frequency at input. The products then operate to the electrical load level they are designed for, giving them their designed and expected performance and life span.

The external resettable circuit breaker and internal thermal trigger switch, provide for additional protection for the refrigerator or fractional motor.


Capacity 750VA/750W
Product type Step Down Transformer
(No Isolation between Input and Output)
Output Voltage 105Vac 50/60Hz
Input Voltage 230Vac 50/60Hz
Short Circuit
By Circuit Breaker (10A)
(Push to Reset)
By Thermal Trigger Switch
(Auto Reset When Temperature Drops)
Dimensions 21.1x18.1x4.3 (cm) / 8x7x1.7 (in)
Unit Weight 4.5Kg / 10LB
33x20x40 (cm) / 13x8x16 (in)
6.4Kg / 14LB

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