Meet Our Technology Team

Cheng-Pin Liu (JB)

Chief of Technology
Design and Development

As the Chief of technology design and development, JB has been the lead Power Electronics designer for the project since 2002 and has designed and supervised the research and development of the Adaptive AC Power Exchanger project for the past 13 years.

JB has over 17 years of professional experience and has designed many technologies related to power electronics.

JB received his PhD degree from National Taiwan University in the area of E.E. in 1997. He joined Beamtech Co. LTD. for UPS design since 1999. He is currently the major circuit designer and MCU firmware designer of Beamtech.

Bob White

Power Electronics and Systems Engineer

As the lead Power Electronics and Systems Engineering consultant, Bob provides technical guidance for all aspects of product specification, development and implementation.

Bob has over 30 years of professional experience. He has held executive, managerial, and individual contributor positions in product development, technology development, systems and applications engineering, and technical marketing. He has previously been employed by companies such as Emerson Electric, Artesyn Technologies, AT&T Power Systems/Bell Laboratories, and the Digital Equipment Corporation.

Bob has a BSEE from MIT and MSEE from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Colorado – Boulder. He is a Fellow of the IEEE.

Richard Garcia

Power Electronics Engineer

As the Power Electronics consultant, Richard is responsible for design analysis and review of the product line and consulting engineer for Chief council with respect to patents and intellectual property.

Richard has over 40 years of experience in power electronics including 250kW backup power plants to keep telecom systems functioning during power outages, variable speed motor drives for air conditioning and power tools, and 100kW frequency changers for United States military applications. His experience also includes the application of programmable embedded controllers used in these applications.

Richard was a Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff at AT&T/Lucent, a Principal Engineer at Artesyn Technologies, and currently is a Principal Applications Engineer for Intersil.

Richard graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering.

John Flavin

Thermal/Mechanical Engineer

As the design team’s Thermal Engineer, John is responsible for the development of the conduction cooling technologies that allow our power adaptors to utilize natural convection while being environmentally sealed.

John Flavin is a seasoned power electronics thermal engineer with extensive experience is the fields of Mechanical, Materials, Simulation and Process Engineering.

Among other endeavors John has served as a Principal Mechanical Engineer at a number of organizations including, Murata Power Solutions, Emerson Network Power and Artesyn Technologies.  He was responsible for the delivery of complete mechanical-thermal solutions for many projects.

John holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington.

Lorne Belden

International Safety Regulatory Engineer

Lorne directs the product development with respect to meeting global testing standards and leads the bundled Appliance + Adaptor applications in meeting in country safety approvals.

Lorne has worked for General Electric for 34 years as Senior Research and Regulatory Engineer. Research Engineer areas of experience - Electromagnetic Radiation measurements and interaction with materials, optical and thermal imaging and spectral measurements.

International Safety and Regulatory - developed methods of converting US domestic designs to international designs for major appliances; managed submission of products to international approval and testing organizations; developed solutions to safety, EMC, water contact and other county specific issues; trained an consulted with regulatory teams in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Middle East.

Lorne, through his consulting company, continues regulatory work for GE and other organizations.

Lorne has a BSEE and MSEE from the University of Minnesota. He has served as U.S. and AHAM delegate to Saudi Arabian Regulatory body (SASO).